How we quote & charge for hires

Our 2023 Hire price list can be found here.

Quotes are calculated using the following formula:

[Space – Discounts] + Add-ons  =  Total hire fee


Base Cost – The hourly cost to ‘dry hire’ the space. Dry hire means the hire of space as a ‘blank canvas’ and does not include any Add-on services (ie. duty management and equipment).

Min Booking – The minimum amount of time the space can be booked. If you need less time than the minimum requirement, you will be charged the Base Cost x Min Booking hours for that space.

Booking Hours – Our buildings are multi-use and not all spaces are available at all times or days of the week. The price list gives an overview of Booking Hours for each of the spaces.


We offer discounts based on the following criteria:

Cultural & Social Enterprise, & Non-profit Activities (15%): Applicable to organisations with an annual turnover of less than £250,000, and projects that are in alignment with our themes and disciplines; City Making, Sustainability in Action, Design, Architecture, Making, Film, Music, Food.

Workspace Members (15%): Applicable to all Civic House Studio members, and Glue Factory tenants. This does not apply for Civic House Studio day passes, or hot-desk memberships making long-term bookings.

Multiple day bookings (10-30%): Applicable to bookings across consecutive days (ie. Monday – Sunday) or repeat days (ie. every Tuesday for 4 weeks).

2-6 days – 10%
7-27 days – 20%
28+ days – 30%


Add-on services:

Add-ons are services provided to support the running of hires and are calculated during the quoting process. All Add-on charges are at the discretion of the Hire Coordinator and are calculated based on capacity, timings and type of hire.


Deposits range from 10-40% depending on the type of event, and at the discretion of the Hire Coordinator.

Deposits secure long lead bookings, hire of Agile City technical equipment, time and space drift during hire, minor damages & breakages, electricity usage, cancellation protection.

In the instance where post-hire charges (as above) exceed the deposit amount, the deposit will be withheld, and the difference invoiced separately.


Cancellation Charges are applicable to all hires and are payable on the following basis:
50% of total hire fee is payable if the customer cancels between 7-14 days prior to the hire.
100% of total hire fee is payable if customer cancels less than 7 days prior to or during the hire.


Agile City is VAT registered, meaning by law we charge 20% VAT on our spaces and Add-on services. To ensure we give clear information for all our customers costs and VAT are itemised on the final quote. We do not charge VAT on deposits.

Alcohol Licences:

Agile City can run a licensed bar for certain events. Licence applications require a minimum 10 week lead time for the event. Bar costs are calculated and invoiced in advance of the event, as follows:

Admin Fees: Covers licence application, coordination of stock & staff.

Bar types:

Pay Bar – Minimum Spend Deposit: For a bar selling alcohol (provided by Agile City) a Minimum Spend Deposit is charged to cover the cost for Bar Manager, bar set up, stock, staffing & security. Costs are calculated based on capacity, and type of activity. If the minimum spend is not met, the difference is withheld from the refundable deposit.

Open Bar – Corkage Charge: For a bar serving alcohol (provided by the customer) corkage is charged to cover the cost for Bar Manager, bar set up, staffing, sundries (ie. ice/mixers/fruit) and security. Costs are calculated based on capacity, and type of activity. Open Bar charges must be paid in advance of the event.

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