Based in north Glasgow, we run two buildings – Civic House & Glue Factory – work and event space for architecture, design, making, food, film and music.

Our mission is to create the space and facilities that support people to turn ideas into action and build a positive future for Glasgow.

As a society we face huge challenges that require people to work together to create positive social impact.  Our contribution to this endeavour is progressed through three objectives:

  • Create high-quality, flexible and vibrant space for work and events for people working across architecture, design, food, film, making, and music.
  • Host a progressive event programme to share ideas and build community across themes of city making, sustainability, cultural and social enterprise.
  • Initiate ambitious projects that test how buildings, spaces and cities are produced in more equitable ways and contribute to the regeneration of our local area.

Examples of how we realise these objectives include the Passivhaus retrofit of Civic House; the on-going development of Glue Factory as a making and production facility; initiating the regeneration of the vacant sites on Civic Street to create a yard and community garden; delivering Test Unit as an annual design and architecture summer school; a public events programme that invites speakers to share knowledge and experience; working collaboratively with local organisations to establish the Glasgow Canal Coop, which aims to support the democratic development of the area.

Agile City is a community interest company and operates as a social enterprise. We have two primary revenue streams – renting workspace and hiring space for events and production. Unlike a private company, any profit generated is not paid to individuals or shareholders, but reinvested back into improving our facilities, delivering events or projects. All our work is rooted in our local context around the canal in north Glasgow, we believe this reinvestment cycle can have long-term positive impact on the local economy and regeneration of the area.