FOND CLUB #3: Yann Gross presents Horizonville

Date & Time
25 May 2023, 17:00 – 21:00


FOND CLUB is a monthly photo zine, kitchen, and meetup bringing people together to share food and celebrate emerging international photographers with unique perspectives on people and place.

Free event. All welcome.

FOND CLUB is curated by Mark Martin.


Yann Gross presents Horizonville

When Yann Gross has a yen to travel, he fixes a trailer to his moped, packs his things and sets off down the Valley of the Rhône. There, surrounded by mountains, a traditionally secular people has farmed and forced a living out of the land. It’s hard to imagine that on this land, some of them, having rejected the idea of ‘here’ have sought for themselves an ‘elsewhere’—an ‘elsewhere’ that is right here. The America they have created in cunning disguise, ‘here’, is the America of the pioneers, the conquerors of the land. And Yann Gross’s journey plays on all the ambiguities. It is constructed as a documentary leap into an imaginary community of people drawn together by an apparent certainty about their identity—an identity that is strengthened by the fact that it is local. Welcome to Horizonville.

Through photography, installation and video, Yann Gross explores, often in offbeat ways, how humanity shapes its environment and develops a sense of identity. His images regularly deal with the construction of the imaginary and a certain desire of escapism.