Test Unit

How do we create change in cities? Endless workshops, planning meetings, community engagement and post-its? Probably not.

Test Unit is an annual cross disciplinary summer school that aims to turn talk into action by prototyping ideas in public space.

Over the last 7 years, there’s been a lot of discussion about the development of the Glasgow Canal area. We started Test Unit in 2016 to activate these ideas and create live-learning opportunities through a week of collaborative work and events.

We have invited skilled facilitators to lead a unit exploring a different theme. Over the course of the week a ‘prototype’ is produced that physically tests out an idea in response to an issue that then allows for feedback from members of the public.

We also programme a public facing events and symposium programme to connect with people who can’t attend the summer school – this includes talks, debates and a symposium for the participants to present their work to local audiences and strategic partners.

Test Unit 2016: BAIRDS BRAE
Find out more here.

Find out more here.