Spatial Occupation Unit has been exploring the idea of the commons as a way of breaking down the false binary of public/private, and grappling with the possibility of growing more collective, self driven and co-owned models of occupying and developing urban space.

Over five days of collective interrogation, and some individual common sense, it is understood that the commons are…

…a communally shared resource
…how a group manage a resource collectively
…a shared resource which can satisfy independent needs
…no accident
…the shared resource available to the collective
…an agreement or system that caters for common needs, agreed between units that strengthens and benefits all involved, visibly and tangibly as well as on less perceived levelsl; a community, communication, social or economic
…a space or resource that is relevant to a particular group, often geographic
…a self enforced system of resource sharing – resulting in equal benefit for all



Common Block is a communal fire cooking kit

It connects people who live and work around Speirs Locks through collective construction and sharing food in public space. Many of the local businesses in this area can be linked through four strands – food, DIY, culture and outdoor activities. Common Block aims to connect these through principles of cooperation, exchange and management of a common resource.

Amica Dall
Rob Morrison
Simon Worthington
Grace Winteringham
Vlad Bodogan
Rebecca Sainsot-Reybolds
Lotte Kravitz
Alice Grant
Murray Morrant
Julian Vassallo
Matthieu Robin