The responsive lighting unit challenges during Test Unit was to prototype a lighting scheme which could animate the area and bring a playful approach to alleviating issues of safety at night, which unfortunately for the team coincided with the summer solstice.

Pheonix Nursery circa 1930

The concept of play, surprise and discovery was inspired by the history of Phoenix Nursery – once a place of refuge and respite from one of most densely populated areas of Europe, now disconnected due to the construction of the M8 motorway.  Though Civic House is passed by many; cyclists, walkers, local residents, workers and dog walkers. The constant presence of the motorway, which dominates the soundscape and the tranquil flow of water from the canal up the hill, makes this a place of transit and an interesting area to reimagine.

We spent long hours trying to articulate how to find an interactive way to construct a dialogue between the past, present and future for the area. Could we create a platform for Civic House to speak to the City? An architectural oracle? Ask a question and the windosw eill get back to you: No Yes Maybe?

Our test-invention wants to give you a focus point. Create a dialogue with the passer by and showing an energy and activity inside a place that otherwise may be mistaken for another piece of forgotten post-industrial architecture.

Elie Larkin, Jason Bruges Studio
William Aikman
Heather Claridge
Ioana Lupascu
Kyle Mcaslan
Eve Mccann
Daniele Sambo
Roy Shearer
Ruudu Ulas
Vincent Rebers