Bairds Brae creates a unique opportunity to revisit some of the fundamental contextual principles of human settlement as a means of creating community and ultimately public space. Our group will examine these conditions and design, develop and prototype an intervention that could support human occupation of the site at the scale of the individual but with the possibility of replication.

The project developed was titled ‘Nettle Inn’ – responding to the old ‘Basin House Tavern’ that used to occupy the site in the 1800s, which also contained a brewery and acted as social hub for people working on the canal on this key intersection site.

Nettle Inn:
A micro tavern providing 1:1 engagement between traveller and inn keeper. Acts as a point of curiosity that invites external engagement with the site. The project has a ground floor occupied by the inn keeper where they can prepare food and drink and sleep and a first floor single room with a view to allow an overnight stay for the weary traveller. A green wall of potted plants is created by foraging edible wildlife on the site itself, these foraged elements were used by the group to create nettle tea, elder-flower cordial and nettle pesto for pasta and salad.