Turncoats debate: Rip it up & Start Again

7 Jul

The Glue Factory, Farnell Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Hot-headed debate considering the positives and negatives of Glasgow’s appetite for demolishing architecture in the name of regeneration. Local authorities across Scotland wield wrecking ball and dynamite prefering social cleansing to mindful mending of our working class and marginal neighbourhoods.

Architects have become complicit in a one-size-fits-all strategy intrinsically weighted towards return-on-investment rather than acting as facilitators for a thoughtful process of social, cultural and economic self-generated development of community.

Pre-event warm up from Cat Hepburn – Writer & Spoken Word Artist

Chair: Lee Ivett

The Panel:
• Rebecca Davies
• Paul Stallan
• Gerry Hassan
• Ambrose Gillick