23 Mar

Saturday School is a monthly forum for creative learning. Each edition will occupy the spaces of Civic House and host workshops and discussions led by practitioners working across mixed disciplines.

Our aim is to create a stimulating environment for testing new ideas, learning through making and sharing skills and knowledge. By creating a monthly programme we hope to create the framework – space, peer-support, and connections with audiences – for practitioners who have an interest in teaching and learning to deliver activity and collectively develop their practice.

At each edition, Civic House will be open for a full day with workshops taking place between 11am – 6pm. Start times will depend on the activity but we encourage all workshops to finish at 6pm, when a communal meal will be served that will be available for all workshop participants and open to the public. From 20:00 onwards, Civic House will host AFTER SCHOOL CLUB, an evening of performances and live music with HEALTHY and friends.

Workshops will include (but not limited to) cooking, risograph poster printing, repair cafes, fabrication skills, health & well-being, book groups, animation & visuals, building for kids, discussion groups, talks and city tours & walks.

SPAM zine & Press – Uncreative writing & Post-internet Poetry

For this workshop, SPAM Press will be hosting an introductory session to the practice of uncreative writing and post-internet poetry. The session is designed to be as inclusive as possible,
structured so as to offer the absolute beginner and the already established writer new modes for producing internet-based poetry.
15:00 – 18:30
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PATTERNITY – Mindful Marbling

Join PATTERNITY co-founder, Grace Winteringham and learn about creative flow through the traditional craft of marbling. Celebrate the joy of serendipity and get hands-on to create your own mini-marbled-masterpieces to take home and enjoy.
16:00 – 18:30
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Civic House Kitchen – Food Workshop 

The workshop will give an introduction to simple vegan recipes made fancy with nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. Learn how to make big, colourful sharing dishes that are full of flavour but not too difficult or expensive to make – take home some food, a few recipes and some knowledge on vegan cooking!
This workshop is kindly supported by the Climate Challenge Fund.
13:00 – 15:00
Tickets here. 

Dress for the Weather– Field Trips

Join Dress for the Weather for their series of tours and workshops that aim to develop a study of how co-design in architecture can shape the language and style of buildings. This will be studied through different approaches to contextual practice with walking workshops asking participants to record and study the city in different ways.
13:00 – 18:30
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RISOTTO – Advanced Poster Club 

Participants to RISOTTO’s POSTER CLUB workshops will experiment with graphics and patterns and collaborate to create 8 different artworks that will be exposed on 8 different drums. The theme of this workshop will be FLOWERS + PLANTS to celebrate Spring! Participants will leave with an extensive bundle of experimental and colourful prints.
15:00 – 18:30
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Glasgow Tool Library – Workshop info released soon!

Each month, Glasgow Tool Library will lead workshops that introduce you to different carpentry tools to use in various woodcraft techniques. Workshops are themed according to what objects you make, from toys to outdoor furniture.
This workshop is kindly supported by the Climate Challenge Fund.
13:00 – 18:30
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Civic House Kitchen dinner: 19:00 – 21:00

MARCH MENU: Info released soon!

AFTER SCHOOL CLUB:  20:00 – late

With HEALTHY x Phase Group Launch

For the next instalment of Saturday School after school club Civic House present the first event curated by new Glasgow record label Phase Group.


Bocksrucker live (Neubau/Vienna)
Lo Kindre live (Optimo Music/12th Isle)
Susannah Stark live



Join us from 7pm for vegan food prepared by Civic House Kitchen (£5 per head for a plate of food).

Phase Group is a new record label based in Glasgow run by Daniel Magee (Lo Kindre) and Thomas Lea Clarke (MR TC). The first release PHASE001 by the two of them will be ready for sharing very soon.

Free before 9pm // £5 after.