Pecha Kucha 30 -Cultural Architecture

1 Dec, 19:00 – 21:00

Curated By Page \ Park Architects

While we can endlessly debate what does or doesn’t constitute ‘the arts’, an indisputable component of our culture is that it is regarded collectively. In shaping cultural spaces whether national institution, local resource or creative workplace, we negotiate a myriad of conversations that give voice to a particular shared culture. 

Page \ Park Architects find these conversations centre around the particular and common ground, where we’re different and where we’re the same, finding the overlaps and accommodating the edges.

Of particular interest to their practice is how architects can help organisations shape their culture by the spaces they occupy.  

At this event a group of invited speakers will add their voices to the collective conversation on cultural architecture. 


Catrin Kemp, Cove Park
Jim Monaghan, Govanhill Baths Community Trust
Francis McKee, CCA Glasgow
Cathy Houston, Collective Architecture about Glasgow Women’s Library
Toby Paterson & Jenny Jamieson of Scottish Ensembleabout ’20th Century Perspectives’
Chris Coleman Smith, Hoskins Architects about National Theatre of Scotland‘s Rockvilla
Alison Fullerton, Wasps Artists’ Studios
Karen Nugent, Page \ Park