Pecha Kucha 28: Art, Design, Architecture & The City

Art, Design, Architecture & The City

6 Jul

The Whisky Bond, Dawson Road, Glasgow, United Kingdom
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During Test Unit 2016 we hosted a fast-paced evening of talks from influencers and instigators on the theme of alternative approaches to city development. We heard from those enriching our cities and experimenting with new techniques and partnerships that are pushing at the boundaries of urban development. From artists, developers, architects and designers we’ll glean insight into new perspectives of how we can challenge and break the current process of how, and by whom, our cities are made.

Agile City


Neil Butler, UZ Arts
Chris Fremantle, Land Art Generator Initiative
Liz Thomas, HERE + NOW
Santini Basra, Anthen Studio
Sarah Strang, Civic Room
Andy Milligan, PARK(ing) Day
Frank Bölter, artist
Kate Darby, KDA & co-founder of Studio in the Woods
Rebecca Davies, Oasis Social Club