Pecha Kucha 24 – Society by Design

11 Jul, 19:00 – 21:00

Curated By Sarah Drummond (Snook)

Society by Design explores the principles of design and how they are being applied to a wide range of sectors from Smart Cities to frontline health, Governments to high street bakeries. This Pecha Kucha asks the question – What does design mean to different sectors of society and how are we applying the process to engage citizens in the design of the future?

TAKTAL’s role is to coordinate and oversee event production.


Keira Anderson – Snook 
Becca Thomas – Pidgin Perfect
Valerie Carr – Snook 
Catrina Cochrane- Dearest Scotland
Michael Hayes – Add Jam 
Neil McGuire – Glasgow School of Art
Karen Anderson – Architecture and Design Scotland
Trevor Lakey – NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
Urvashi Singh – Graven
Don McIntyre – Glasgow School of Art 
Tommy Petillo – Analogue Social