Civic Harvest – October 14th

Date & Time
14 October 2023, 12:00 – late

Join us on Saturday, October 14th for Civic Harvest – an Autumn themed day of family friendly activities, workshops and market stalls with lunch from Parveen’s and seasonal cocktails at Civic House Bar!

From apple pressing and potato printing to pumpkin spiced drinks and sonic workshops this will be a fun-filled day at Civic House.

Family friendly – with some activities ticketed but lots to drop-in to on the day!


Sustainable Makers Market

12:00 – 18:00

Join us in the venue at Civic House and outside in our yard for a market of local sustainable makers in Glasgow. From 12 to 6 PM you can find an array of handcrafted goods, upcycled clothing and homewares, tasty treats and sustainably made artworks. Keep an eye on our Instagram to see an update of the vendors presenting their wares.

Vendors at the Civic Harvest Market include: 

  • Plastically – Plastically sources locally discarded plastic objects from friends, organisations, and occasional street clean-ups. The material undergoes a journey involving washing, drying, and sorting based on type and colour. Harnessing various techniques including ovens, irons, panini presses, and custom devices like injection and extrusion machines, the plastic is transformed into new creations.


  • Project Natty – Project Natty are an artist duo who live and work together. Their collective practice explores DIY homestyle-fashion that incorperates re-purposed materials. All items are hand-made sustainably in Glasgow.


  • Rachael Bell Art – Glaswegian Artist Rachael Bell works with sculpture, ceramics, painting, punch needle and photography and has a large range of handmade artwork available including ceramic goods such as mugs, bowls, pasta bowls, plates, fridge magnets, vases, and ceramic jewellery as well as a range of handmade punch needle wool artworks, art prints, stickers etc.


  • Elsie Hill Designs – ElsieHillDesigns sells a range of products including original acrylic on canvas artworks, limited edition prints, printed mugs, and mug rugs.


  • It’s a Flow Thing… – a collection of things made by F.Low and S.Thomas, two designers who appreciate the simple beauty of raw materials. We currently produce a selection of cast-concrete home accessories and jewellery; all hand-mixed, poured and finished by us at our home in Glasgow.


  • Katherine’s Room – Step into Katherine’s Room for art prints, décor, and pre-loved clothing and accessories! All artwork by Katherine Eberle, an artist from Boston, USA. Original paintings, prints, and framed artwork available, along with a curated selection of vintage and pre-loved clothes.


  • Jangling Space – We are Jangling Space, Shawlands. CONNECT. COOPERATE. CREATE. A workshop for the community. In a time of social isolation Jangling Space is committed to bringing individuals together to experience the joy of cooperative creation. Together we design and make beautiful stained glass pieces in a process that connects us and our wider community. All of our designs are based on local heritage . Loneliness affects us all but our co-op has a proven track record of relieving it.


  • Crunch does Ceramics – Crunch does ceramics – Crunch makes functional items with a focus on tableware, decorative pieces and jewellery. Her works are strongly influenced by the patterns and tactile textures of nature. Originally, clay was sourced from the earth so her work aims to pay homage to the beauty of its first and least complex form. She employs clean and simplistic design principles and incorporates foraged and natural materials.


  • Nara Supplies – Nara was the first capital city of Japan and also means Happy in Gaelic. We create slow sustainable Scottish scran that is good for our bellies and our biosphere, making the world a little bit happier with every mouthful.


  • Second Cashmere – Second Cashmere is a place to shop for unique reclaimed, refurbished and reworked cashmere. Our collections champion a circular economy, sourcing cashmere from textile recyclers to create original collections, reclaimed yarns and restored cashmere knitwear from celebrated brands. By choosing waste cashmere we reduce our dependence on the natural world, while rescuing and reusing valuable resources from textile recycling and landfill.


  • Inès and Josafinni – Two artists who met while working at Risotto Studios in the Glue Factory, colleagues became friends while partying at Civic House. Josafinni is an interdisciplinary artist and designer from Liverpool, living in Glasgow. Alongside her riso prints, Finni has designed wallpapers for classrooms in collaboration with primary school pupils. Her participatory methods and exploration with mark making, culminates in bright and expressive works. Inès is a multidisciplinary designer originally hailing from Réunion Island and working as a risoprinter at RISOTTO studio Glasgow. She uses illustration as a way to respond to her environment, combining digital and hand made technics with a playful approach to produce printed matter and zines along with her risoprinting collective Riso Sur Mer.


  • Love Cut Silver – Discover how coastal beauty can be captured in every piece at Love Cut Silver. Each piece of our jewellery is a singular creation, mirroring the sea and land and intricately crafted from recycled 925 silver to capture Scotland’s coast. Carry a piece of Scotland with you wherever you wander. Join us at the market to see it firsthand. Meet Constance, our expert jeweller as she handcrafts personalised rings before your eyes!


  • Exhale Candle Co. – At Exhale Candle Co., we know that it’s crucial to ensure that only the best ingredients are invited into sacred spaces like your home. Since we started our business, we have built a reputation for designing luxurious, nourishing and indulgent products. We pride ourselves on creating vegan friendly and cruelty free products, with a commitment to superior quality. All of the items made in our studio in Loch Lomond are sourced, crafted and packaged with dedication and care, making them important elements of the ultimate self-care experience.


  • Studio Vans – Modular, life-long campervan interiors created in the Outer Hebrides and through remote collaborations, using local and recycled materials. Sustainability is at the heart of our company. Our unique aluminium frame system can be transferred from van to van, a life-long no waste solution, we also collect and recycle beach plastic from our local beaches on Uist to make beautiful worktops for our campervans.


  • The Woolly Pig Company – The Woolly Pig Company are pioneers of the regenerative, forest raised pork world. Farming the Scottish Finest Woodlands award-winning Brodoclea near Dalry, the Woolly Pig team have managed to harness the engineering abilities of their Mangalitsa pigs to maximum effectiveness in restoring woodland and wetland habitat. They do this all whilst producing some of the most delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly pork on the market today. Mangalitsas are well known for producing some of the finest pork in the world but are not commonly found in the UK, so their stall will be a golden opportunity for you to try some out for the first time. Don’t miss out!


  • Sweet Blonde Bundts – Sweet Blonde Bundts is Lucy, a Glasgow-based graphic designer, up-cycler, cook and baker. She’s a communication designer currently specialising in print and digital design, helping a wide range of people and organisations to communicate their message in the most engaging way possible. With a keen interest in local, seasonal and zero-waste food, she’s always foraging for ingredients and researching new cooking, baking and preservation techniques. All of this feeds into the goods she sells on market day.


  • Glasgow Tool Library – GTL works just like a normal library, but instead of sharing books we share tools and skills. Join us to access equipment for your DIY and craft projects.


  • Boomerang Woodworking CIC – We are a recently established social enterprise in Maryhill – our focus is on therapeutic and sustainable woodwork and skills development for people with mental health issues. We also make bespoke items and run workshops in woodwork. We work mostly with wood from the waste stream, and a lot of our educational activities focus on learning how to see and turn waste into value.


  • Ny Ali/ Nytastic (she/her) – is a Hijabi muslim artist who specialises in comics and illustrations. She has a HND in illustration and has been selling her wares online and conventions, comic and market events. She likes to crochet and make a lot fibre art friends including bees, frogs and anxiety stress ball friends called anxiety blobs.


  • Heedayah Lockman – Glasgow-based illustrator who sells art prints, stickers and small clay designs (new products). Her designs mainly revolving around food, female figures and occasionally animals.


  • Kimia Mehrnia (Kaolin) – I have wheel thrown and hand built pieces of ceramics, fruit bowls, pasta bowls, plates, trinkets, plant pots and decorative items like shelves and hooks all made from clay and glazed. Everything is food safe and responsibly made.


  • Landed Pre-Loved Fashion – Landed is a curated collection of pre-loved fashion pieces – with various styles and sizes!


Parveen’s Canteen

12:00 – 16:00

Our wonderful canteen operators Parveen’s will be open for the day serving up one of their delicious lunch bowls and tasty sweet and savoury snacks – all free from animal produce and inspired by the flavours of Pakistan.

Tarot Reading by Two For Joy Tarot

12:00 – 18:00 

Have your Tarot read by Genevieve of Two For Joy Tarot. They will be offering 3 card readings for £15, 6 card readings for £25 (30 minutes) and 10 card reading for £30 (40 minutes). Get in touch with them over Instagram to book in your slot on the day.

Glasgow Apple Pressing 

12:00 – 16:00

Come and press you own apples into delicious apple juice with Glasgow Apple Pressing. This activity will be drop-in and located in our yard on Civic Street. Please don’t forget to bring your own apples!

S.T.A.R* Tot Workshop Inspired by Earth Super Heroes

Varied slots from 12:00 – 15:00

Book via Eventbrite here.

Bring your tots to S.T.A.R* Tot workshops – immersive storytelling, art inquiry & creative, messy & sensory play in a child-centred environment. Sharon McGregor established the StarTot workshops because she believe it’s essential to offer an opportunity for babies/toddlers/preschoolers (with their caregivers) to creatively explore themes in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) through messy, sensory and creative play.

Civil Twilight

17:30 – 19:30

Book via Eventbrite here.

A workshop on harvesting the benefits of sleep through the ecological arts of poetry and music.

Get your brain sticky in the pumpkin meat of the circadian and join Kevin Leomo and Maria Sledmere in carving dreamtime as an expression of creativity and low carbon pleasure. As the nights draw in and the clocks go back, we’ll be thinking about how darkness affects mood and slumber. Civil twilight is the brightest of the three twilight phases, where stars and planets might be seen in the sky as the sun dips just below the horizon. By attending to the ‘nocturne’ as a form in poetry and music, we’ll dwell in the possibilities of liminal experience for cultivating ecological imaginaries.

Please bring: Preferred writing materials, If you have one, a reusable coffee cup, Headphones and phone

Civic House Bar

15:00 – Late

Come hang out at our bar and enjoy our alcoholic and non-alcoholic autumnal cocktails from 3 PM to late.


If you have any questions about accessibility requirements please get in touch with Katie at