Al Harah Theater UK Tour

Date & Time
9 July 2024, 19:00 – 21:00

Marina Barham
Al Harah Theater UK Tour
A Voice for Theatre and Culture in Palestine Marina Barham, General Director of Al Harah Theater, shares the powerful story of their impactful work in Palestine, and the role of theatre in helping children, young people and the community
overcome trauma.
Date: 9 th July 7pm-9pm

Where: Civic House
Activity: Cultural & Social Enterprise, Talk/Screening
This summer, Marina will be speaking in venues across the UK about the current situation in Palestine and the role of theatre in helping children, young people and the community overcome trauma. She hopes this event at Civic House will provide an opportunity for Glasgow audiences to hear firsthand from a Palestinian activist in the cultural sector and for the establishment of new partnerships and collaborations. Marina’s tour of the UK coincides with the foundation of Shining Stars: Friends of Al Harah Theater/Bethlehem CIC which will support Al Harah to create and tour theatre productions, education workshops, and to foster exchanges, benefiting artists, audiences, and communities in Palestine and the UK.

The Glasgow event is run by volunteers. We are fundraising to cover the costs of Marina’s tour to the UK. Any additional funding will go directly to Al Hara’s work in Palestine. Suggested donation £10 (waged). All donations gratefully received.

Marina Barham is co-founder and General Director of Al-Harah Theater and has been an active cultural operator in Palestine, the Middle East and Europe since 1998. She was President of the Palestinian Performing Arts Network from 2019-2021. Alongside producing theatre productions, for the last 23 years, she has managed international, regional & local tours and Euro Med Projects, and curated Palestine International Theater Festival for Children & Youth, Yalla Yalla Street Festival and Bethlehem Site-Specific Theatre Festival in Palestine. Al-Harah Theater believes that theatre has the potential to change the lives of those who make it and those who watch it. It creates compelling work for children, young people and adults that is challenging, yet moving, accessible and always honest. It tours locally, regionally and internationally, reaching refugee camps, villages, cities and especially marginalized areas. Al-Harah Performing Arts Training Center (PARC) runs artistic exchanges and training programmes for children and young people, as well as ‘train the trainer’ programmes in drama and theatre, and technical workshops for the performing arts. In the last 19 years, Al Harah has reached almost 600,000 children and adults and produced 90 productions for children and for adults.