Agile City Raumlabor
Agile City Raumlabor

Open House

22 July 2015
South Korea

Open House is a community built and designed structure showcasing the unique qualities of the city of Anyang in South Korea. In 2010, Berlin based design team Raumlabor were invited by the 3rd Anyang Public Art Project (A New Community in the Open City) to work directly with the community over the summer conducting an intensive research programme which challenges the dramatic changes in the area. The result is a multi-level exhibition and workshop laboratory which is in a state of constant renewal and transformation.

Anyang is currently subject to large urban developments, which threaten to change the character of the city. The Open House is placed in a public square beside an area of development with the ambition to spark conversation and interest to reassess the development, whilst also letting citizens feel part of the changes happening.

The first phase of the project consisted of mapping techniques to document the potentials, experiences and desires of the residents. This focussed mainly on the ‘soft qualities’ of the area, including the concerns of the residents, resulting in a large seven metre long drawing which is ever expanding. This information was gathered through informal methods such as observations, interviews, collection of stories and meetings.

Agile CIty_ Open House

Image: A section of the ‘Desire map’

The next step was to explore the local area and gain a wider interest from local neighbourhoods, This was done by the use of a ‘mobile activator.’ Bang Bang (pictured below) is a transport vehicle which holds an inflatable structure used for place making at different locations. A programme of activities initiated interest and gathered a group of participants for the later stages of the process.

“BANG BANG is a new concept of variable and ephemeral public space where various programs for the local community, such as workshops for residents, concerts, movies, lectures, conferences, neighborhood meetings, and diverse performances can be held at different locations by making appropriate changes to its structure according to the purpose of the setup or surrounding environment.”

Agile City Open House

During the last month of the project, over 200 participants worked with local and international artists to construct the final exhibition structure. The ‘Open building workshop’ focussed on developing the results of the research stages into a physical environment which can be experienced by visitors. The structure consists of 20 micro-cabins dispersed over 5 levels which included several pavilions, a tea house, shops, a kitchen, a bar, workshops, a gallery and a community farm. In this place, residents can enjoy the essential qualities of their city and encourage open discussions on how to strengthen the local community, during this time of change. Over time the Open House has the opportunity to expand and develop with the needs and desires of the city.


Agile City Open house

Agile City Open House


Project outline open house_ Agile City



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