Gare Remix St Paul – Lyon, France – 26.04.2015

City Remix

7 March 2016

City Remix aims to use the “hack” format in order to improve a public or semi-public space within the city. Funded by french agency Nova7, the first event took place over 3 days in April 2015 in a poorly used train station located in the historical city centre of Lyon. Seven teams gathered for 3 days in order to come up with prototypes aiming to reinvent the station’s hall to make it a public space where people want to go, even if they don’t have a train to catch. Details of the prototypes in the train station can be found here 


Gare Remix St Paul – Lyon, France – 26.04.2015 by Flore Giraud


Day 3: Public openning! Gare Remix St Paul – Lyon, France – 26.04.2015 by Flore Giraud

One of the main inspirations for City Remix was the project Museomix, which applies the same principles in order to reinvent the museum visitor’s experience.

Museomix is the first international ‘cultural makeathon’ that mixes skills and insights. It is a gathering of mediators, tinkerers, designers, developers, graphic designers, communicators, artists, writers and scientists and places them at the heart of a museum to experiment and connect together.  In a 3-day creative sprint participants invent, design, prototype and test innovative museum installations with new technologies.


If you’ve participated (or run) one of these workshops or know any other models that use similar methods  please get in touch via or in the comment section below – we’d be interested to hear from you!