Rows of people sit in Civic House venue watching a projected screening.
Rows of people sit in Civic House venue watching a projected screening.
Freedom to Run film screening and fundraiser for MAP, October 31st, photo courtesy of filmmakers

Freedom to Run – Film Screening and Medical Aid for Palestinians Fundraiser

1 November 2023

At Civic House, we have the privilege of hosting a diverse range of events that celebrate art, culture, and community. Each gathering leaves a unique imprint on our space, and one such evening that has left an indelible mark on our hearts is the “Freedom to Run” fundraiser for Medical Aid for Palestinians, organised by the filmmakers Stephen Sheriff and Dr. Cairistiona Russell. On the evening of Tuesday, October 31st, our venue was filled with a sense of compassion and solidarity that touched us deeply.

The documentary, filmed in 2018, reveals the daily struggles faced by Palestinians in the West Bank. Their freedom of movement is restricted, and they often cannot venture more than 10 kilometres without encountering Israeli restrictions. Checkpoints, permit demands, and the looming apartheid wall surrounding their occupied territories are constant reminders of their ongoing battle.

Yet, in the face of these seemingly insurmountable challenges, “Freedom to Run” took us on a remarkable journey. It followed two groups of runners – one from Right to Movement in Palestine and one from Scotland. These two seemingly distinct groups, separated by physical and cultural boundaries, shared a common goal: running both the Palestine and Edinburgh Marathons. Through their shared aspirations, they discover they are not so different, but they live very different lives.

The tickets for this event were donation-based, and the response from the Glasgow community was overwhelming. We were touched by the generosity of our attendees, who contributed what they could to support Medical Aid for Palestinians. By attending this event, our community stood in solidarity with the Palestinian people and made a meaningful contribution to a cause that brings hope and healing to those who need it the most.

As we reflect on this evening, we are filled with gratitude for our community’s unwavering support and the enduring determination of the human spirit. Follow @freedomtorunfilm on Instagram to keep track of this event as it travels the UK and beyond and please get in touch with the filmmakers at if you would like to help screen the film.