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In 2007 landscape Architect Klaus Overmeyer published one of the first books addressing temporary urbanism, which focuses on Berlin as a hub of temporary use projects. Urban Pioneers provides an insight to this relevant phenomenon and proposes guidelines on how this new generation of urban development can be used to shape our cities.

This research was developed further into a second book which focuses on the temporary projects in five European countries which was published in 2013. Urban CatalystThe power of Temporary Use showcases temporary urban strategies that work and shows a great understanding of this complicated process. Not just an overview of existing projects, this book is aimed at individuals wishing to claim space and land owners / governments who manage space. Overmeyer outlines six strategies of temporary planning and delves into the theoretical conditions of informal planning

Urban Catalyst Studio is an extension of the books previously mentioned and a practicing supporter of space pioneers. They are a team of architects, designers and researchers who combine their expertise to develop visions for cities and regions, conduct research and develop urban structure plans. Their website gives a clear outline of their carefully considered tools which brand them ‘Experts for spaces in transformation.’

‘Urban development can no longer do without participation. But this is no longer a mere question of information and transparency. Participation is about new models for the collective production of space.’ Urban Catalyst Studio

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