The New Metropolitan

Online cities magazine

photo credit Richard J Williams

* photo credit Richard J Williams 

The New Metropolitan is a recently launched digital magazine offering insights and opinion into the changing nature of ‘urban citizenship’. In blog format, this university-led platform, dives into the current and historical issues of what it is to exist in a city.

As they say:

“According to UN figures, cities now house well over half the earth’s population, and cities everywhere are growing again after a long slump. What this has meant is not just a lot of new buildings, but new ways of being in cities for people who never lived in cities before. That is as true of the rich world as well as the developing world. Added to that, the great economic convulsions since 2008 have made life hard for many of those city dwellers, new or otherwise. They’ve had to find new modes of surviving in cities, new forms of resilience. And then we’ve developed a new understanding of the city as a political theatre. Most, perhaps all, of the spectacular political events of recent times have been played out in cities. Occupy Wall Street would have been nothing without Wall Street…”

The New Metropolitan is about these emerging urban cultures, about belonging and contributing to a city and how we exist in the constructs of a city; through its design, infrastructure and social expectations.

Giving opinion and insight in the form of interviews, stories and public events, The New Metropolitan publishes the work of artists, community groups, architects, developers and many more. It’s a diverse read and well worth exploring.

It’s not an closed off group though, get in touch with them here