Test Unit 2018 Publication

by Agile City & dpr–barcelona








Beyond cultural activity, alternative use and temporary activation, the set of interventions developed in Test Unit summer school are slowly generating a new common language developed by a group of enthusiastic people with different skills and backgrounds.
These kinds of initiatives are generating an evolving vocabulary which might be a powerful tool for them to negotiate their agency among other forces and dynamics shaping our cities: which have widely accepted concepts supporting their agendas, and lobbying on power structures.

If we refuse to accept the city as a static reality ruled by a set of norms and standards, then we need to develop new flexible micro-legislative constructions with communal functions. A system of rules that could be transformed and easily
re-established; because we’re engaging with the not-yet-here, and experimenting with failure and reinvention. These rules might refer to ideas to manage through unconventional appropriation, the nooks of the city falling out of the control of city managers.
We need protocols, to introduce the kind of occupancies and experiences that we have been imagining and testing, and slowly infiltrate them into the language and policies of local authority. Because institutions cannot prevent what they are not able to imagine.

Glasgow June 2018

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