Smart Cities should be more like Lean Startups – Boyd Cohen

Here is an interesting article published on Fast Co.exist by Boyd Cohen which explores how smart cities should be more like Lean Startups.

In the article he outlines Lean Startup principles that focus on testing ideas quickly using a minimum viable product (MVP), which is a strategy or process that is designed to test assumptions as quickly and cheaply as possible.  Once an MVP has been established this enables an iterative design process of prototyping, presentation, data collection, analysis and learning.  This allows ideas or hypothesis about how people will engage or react to an intervention to be tested using least the possible resource, before committing to a city wide solution.

These simple and effective principles can be very complimentary to smart city developments, which often use sensors and real-time data to monitor key metrics and activity within cities which then inform decision-making.

In future posts we will be exploring other examples of how these principles have been used in urban projects and also look at example of innovative design processes from other sectors.