Elemental: Incremental Housing and Participatory Design Manual

by Alejandro Aravena,‎ Andres Iacobelli

ISBN: 9783775734608

PUBLISHER: Hatje Cantz

YEAR: 2012


What began as an academic initiative to improve the quality of life of poor strata of the population has meanwhile become a professional do tank offering services that cover the entire spectrum of urban development. Alejandro Aravena (*1967 in Santiago de Chile) founded Elemental in 2001 in his hometown with the goal of alleviating social deprivation directly instead of hoping for a balance of income relations. Besides building public facilities and public housing, Elemental also develops new approaches for the reorganization of resources and the potential of cities by means of projects devoted to infrastructure and transportation. This publication documents the social activity and history of the international architectural team and sheds light on its financing strategies, for example through participative building.