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Agile City - Eco Nomadic School

Agile City is interested in education models that tackle the traditional teacher/student relationship within institutions. Whether it’s about the curriculum itself, a collective way of doing or the openness of the institution, we will be sharing some initiatives in this series of posts. Here we’re looking at:

Eco-Nomadic School

Eco-Nomadic School was a long-term pan-European programme that travelled the UK, Germany, France, Romania and The Netherlands between 2011 and 2015. It aimed to facilitate mutual teaching and learning through a series of seminars, workshops and live projects organised by each partner of the Eco-Nomadic School, and in close collaboration with local interest and community groups.

The nomadic and temporary school for mutual learning and teaching of eco-civic practices was aiming to reinforce democratic values by skills and knowledge transfer on issues of resilience in different urban contexts. Involving participants of diverse ages and social and cultural backgrounds, the project is based on a partnership between 4 organisations – AAA (France), AGENCY/UoS (UK), MyVillage (AL), FCDL (Romania) already active in the dissemination of ecological skills and knowledge. The project also received support from the EU network RHYZOM.

Four European urban contexts are targeted through participative training workshops, mutual teaching and learning with the learning dissemination through a symposium. The different areas targeted are: metropolitan suburban (France), post-industrial urban (UK), suburban rural (AL) isolated rural (Romania).

The EU Network RYZOM has supported other interesting projects such as R-Urban, an urban farm experiment in London and Paris suburbs, read our Agile City post about it here


South Germany

Training kitchen, herb evening, slaughter buckets, recipe swap. Eco-Nomadic School Postcard in Southern Germany, October 2012- more here


“Principles of construction: local and manual” – Eco-Nomadic School Postcard in Brezoi, Romania, October 2012 – more here

If you’ve already participated in one or some of these educational programmes or if you know of any other programmes that use a different method with a similar purpose, or even better, if you invented one of these programmes and want to share your opinion on it please get in touch via [email protected] or in the comment section.